About me

My name is Stefania Iade Trucchi and I am a psychologist/psychotherapist, author of novels and scientific articles. It has been my family’s wish for me to take over the Enoteca Trucchi as part of the future bequest for my 3 sons, thus ensuring continuity to my family’s farm, which has exited since the end of the 1800s in Imperia, Liguria. My grandfather and later my father, with their love for the land, and thanks to the hard work of their worthy farmers, have cared for hectares of olive groves, orchards and especially vineyards that producevermentino and pigato grapes. The Trucchi family, which I represent, has exported food and wine products also abroad. The enoteca (wine cellar) was a tribute to the memory of my father, to his Liguria, a rich and lush land that he loved deeply. That is why my family has wanted to recreate in Rome a wine cellar, which, however, does not represent only the scents and flavours of Liguria but, through an accurate selection of Italian and foreign bottles produced by large as well as small wineries - also with a natural, organic and vegan approach - convey the love for a world of extremely varied types of wine as are our territories, which are ever so rich in tones, depth and aromas to be discovered and enjoyed. The love and hard work of many farms similar to that of my family deserve to be brought to everyone’s attention, for traditions, culture and natural products are part of our identity; they must not be forgotten and must always be taken into account. The philosophy that has strongly inspired me and that I pursue with the help of my family involves selecting wines by tasting them one by one before placing them on our shelves, targeting small wineries or wineries whose products are not sold by large retailers, and doing constant research, seeking to find in a bottle not only flavour but also care and passion, which strike the palate when a winemaker focuses not on creating just any anonymous wine, but a wine that represents the spirit and the real flavours and aromas of the territories where it is produced.

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